My Dear Art

by HSU Hao-hsuan

My Dear Art depicts the wonderful yet absurd world of art from the perspective of an Asian middle-class collector. We hope the audience enjoy this artistic journey, on which we do not talk about academics but stay close to real life. We will visit collections and encounter artists, gallerists, auctioneers, museum and exposition managers. Through our exchanges with these professionals and objective observations, we hope to broaden our horizon and present our in-depth exploration in the film. The production team travelled to different regions in the world including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy, and the UK, raising questions, whether simple or profound, to the world of art collection on behalf of the general public. With these discussions, we hope to paint a picture of diversity and abundance, that is the dazzling world of art.


2017 Art Basel Hong Kong


Running Time: 142 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: HSU Hao-hsuan


HSU Hao-hsuan

Born in 1984, HSU Hao-hsuan has participated in documentaries A Life that Sings, The Untrammeled Traveler, and Ode to Time as the writer and assistant director. He currently works as an independent director/writer of documentaries, commercials and fiction films.


LEE Yen-hsun

LEE Yen-hsun graduated from the Department of Radio and Television, National Chengchi Universirty. He has been a freelance production manager for more than three years and participated in documentaries such as Night Symphony of Formosa, Waterfall Land, and My Engineer Dad.